Sellers Advantage Program

Welcome Sellers Agents!

By referring your listing clients to us we will not only provide an Ultimate Home Inspection or Seller Consultation, but help you with your marketing!

  1. Each pre-listing Ultimate Home Inspection will participate in InterNACHI’s Move-in Certified Program.
  2. We will provide you a Move-In Certified Yard sign and rider
  3. Provide a FREE brochure stand and the first 50 full-color brochures (placed after completed inspection).
  4. Digital pictures of the home (inside and out) that you can use in your marketing.  Keep in mind we take thousands of pictures every week…you?
  5. We can even develop your selling brochure for you — just ask!

Move-In Certified Yard Sign

Here are some important advantages of listing a home that has been Move-In Certified™:

  • You can recommend an InterNACHI Certified Professional Inspector® to inspect the home before the buyer’s inspector is hired.
  • Your client (the seller) can schedule the inspection at his convenience, with little effort on your part.
  • Your client can assist the inspector during the inspection, something that’s not typically done during a buyer’s inspection.  This can streamline the inspection process and give your client confidence in the condition of the home you’re helping them sell.
  • You and your client will be alerted to any immediate safety issues discovered, before other agents and potential buyers tour the home.
  • A seller inspection relieves you of having to hurriedly procure repair estimates and schedule repairs for your client.
  • Repairs can be made ahead of time and will help the home show better.
  • Your client will have the opportunity to correct any misstatements in the inspection report before it’s generated and distributed to prospective buyers.
  • The inspection report will help your client see their home through the eyes of an unbiased third party, thus making them more realistic about their asking price.
  • A Move-In Certified™ yard sign, provided by the InterNACHI inspector, will attract potential buyers looking for a home in the neighborhood.
  • The Move-In Certified™ inspection report can be used as a marketing tool that goes beyond the seller’s disclosure.  This kind of forthrightness is a great way to help sell the home and engage in a low-stress transaction.
  • The inspection report can help relieve a prospective buyer’s unfounded suspicions and concerns before they walk away from an otherwise great deal.
  • A Move-In Certified™ seller inspection report helps eliminate “buyer’s remorse” that can sometimes occur after the buyer’s inspection